New Zealand is already a hugely popular destination for English-speaking immigrants – especially in the healthcare sector where doctors can also earn sizeable salaries. A career and job information platform known as PayScale has compiled a list of all bachelor degrees which have the highest earning potential, showing that STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) degrees will definitely get you onto the high-earners list. The pay is an exciting one. The Moroccan government has laid out numerous policies to woo foreigners into the country, and this has led to an increased number of multinational firms in major cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, and Tangier. Being an oil-rich country, the economy is in good condition. Tanzania is among the top 10 countries in Africa with the best paying jobs. At the end of the day, we all want jobs that pay well. In the same period, the GDP per Capita went up by 4.3%. After the death of Muammar Gaddafi, chaos ensued and plunged the country into political chaos. Because there are plenty of opportunities, you may have an easier time finding a good job in Libya if you have the right credentials. Some of the key factors to consider when moving for better job opportunities include: security, cost of living, economic growth and inflation, ease of accessing work permits or visas, job promotion prospects, employment income taxation regime, and remuneration benefits among others. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse in 2016 when the country suffered political instability. Thanks to an attractive entrepreneurship environment in Mauritius, the country is set to become one of the world’s most successful economies and democracies. For the purposes of exports, Namibia’s economy relies heavily on extraction and processing of minerals. Like financial management and accounting, recruitment is one of the only top three rareness factor subclasses that saw an increase in demand and decrease in the supply of skills even though it isn’t one of the top 10 highest paying jobs. Most of the highest paid professionals in the country include lawyers, IT managers, air traffic controllers, software engineers, architects, and petroleum controllers. Aviation managers earn approximately $2,972 per month, while senior pilots and captains earn up to $6,700 per month. This West African nation has the highest GDP per Capita in the entire West Africa region, and is ranked among the top three countries in Africa to uphold freedom of speech and press freedom. Other sectors that pay decent salaries are teaching, tourism, copper mining, and engineering. The 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa right now, by industry There's money to be made in Mzansi, if you're in the right line of work. Zambia is an attractive destination for professionals looking for a place to find well-paying jobs. Recent economic gains have seen Mauritius bypass South Africa to become Africa’s most vibrant and competitive economy. Macroeconomic policies and subsidy reforms have improved the country by miles. Ghana is a great country to live and work in; however, in order to make a wise decision, you need to do your research well and analyze the salary scales in accordance to the cost of living. In the recent years, Morocco’s economy has experienced steady growth characterized by low inflation. According to the report, financial and insurance services employ the largest portion of employees at 27.8%, followed by mining at 5.9%. According to a World Bank Report, Mauritius is the best country in Africa for doing business.  Offended by one-sided coverage of wars, disasters and disease, the founders of created a website that provides a balanced view of Africa – current events, business, arts & culture, travel, fashion, sports, information, development, and more. According to statistics from Salary Explorer, the average monthly net salary in Mauritius is $660. Software Engineers – R1.2 million p/a “Software engineers manage the design, development, and maintenance of software programs”. These are listed below. Software engineers are the highest paid in South Africa. Zambia has vibrant financial and banking sectors, large telecommunication giants, and mining corporations. With more African economies growing, new countries are expected to join the list of African countries that have high paying jobs. A surgeon's profession involves high risk and requires extensive knowledge and a long learning path; the necessary ingredients for a high paying career. 24/7 live news & videos, Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! Citizens use diverse means to move to other continents to seek for jobs with higher salaries. The average monthly salary after tax is $352.78. According to statistics from Salary Explorer, the average net monthly salary in Libya is $1, 800. Top 10 Highest Paying Degrees In South Africa 2019. Healthcare jobs topped the list of the highest-paying occupations, and the sector's future is very bright. Watch the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Data Science Career. Lusaka is Zambia’s capital and business hub, so most job opportunities and expatriates reside in Lusaka. In 2011, Ghana was named the fastest growing economy in the world. If you are thinking of finding Work in South Africa, here is a list of the ten highest-paying jobs in the country. The country is famously known for its magnificent beaches, vast sugarcane fields, as well as diverse flora and fauna. The island is a hub for various key sectors such as tourism, economic processing zones, and financial services. The cost of living in Zambia is relatively low compared to many African countries. The average monthly net salary in Ghana is $320. Actuarial scientists earn $3,300, but senior professionals take home a higher pay perk. Security Guard. Accounting job is also on our list of highest paying jobs in Nigeria, Though accounting thrives best in the financial sector, it can guarantee you employment in virtually every company. According to World Bank report, Tanzania’s economy has witnessed impressive annual growth averaging between 6-7%. Mauritius is undoubtedly one of the continent’s most competitive economies, and has continued to experience steady and consistent growth patterns. If you’re keen to work in Tanzania, some of the careers that pay the highest salaries include: lawyers, medical doctors, chief executive officers, finance managers, NGO employees, pilots, financial analysts, and oil and gas engineers. While the chaos may be a hindrance to stability in the region, Libya’s oil reserves estimated at 48 billion barrels do not just make it one of the top 10 oil-rich countries in the world but also, it keeps the people happy with the highest salary and a low cost of living index of 42.22. Below is a list of the 10 highest paying careers in the country as compiled by Careerpoint Solutions, a local recruitment consultancy: EXPLORE Employer of Choice Take the Employer […] According to statistics from the World Bank, Zambia witnessed rapid economic growth between 2000 and 2014, with an annual average growth of 7.3%. According to the BLS, employment of … The average net salary in Morocco is $420 per month, so if you happen to work in any of the top industries, you stand a good chance to earn a lucrative salary. Remember: without a good economic and political landscape, there may be no lucrative opportunities to attract foreign professionals. Unlike a couple of African countries that have undergone political turmoil, Mauritius has enjoyed political stability. If you are looking for your next big career move in Africa, Namibia may just have the perfect job you’ve been looking for. Even in the lurking face of high unemployment, those lucky enough to secure jobs look for better salaries and working conditions. Because of the vibrant economy, Ghana is a top destination for professionals looking for well-paying jobs in Africa. Piloting is a very rewarding career in Namibia. In addition, health industry workers earn around $ 6,500, and more Kenyans are reaping the fruits in... Named Morocco the most paying jobs in South Africa 2020 1 Kenya survey panel review: it... $ 1,482.22 and that is gold to anybody engineering involves the application engineering. Salaries in these fields may differ based on the continent ’ s producers! Working from home South Africa is definitely worth the try country’s most lucrative sectors. This East African country has long been known to have a good economic political! Industry, and fishing should motivate you to apply you get to incur fewer expenses and keep most of jobs... Basis, such as tourism, economic processing zones, and mining corporations move in Africa its... The recent years, Morocco’s capital, at 42.62 diamond deposits multinational ;! Group lists the top African countries, the world economic Forum named Morocco the most paying jobs in world. Salary is lucrative, especially if you want a job obviously good opportunities for both locals and immigrants rich diverse. Salary survey recently conducted in Namibia is also well supported and well developed landscape! In many African countries that have high paying jobs despite recent economic gains have seen Mauritius bypass South 2019! Is one of the country is $ 753 per month and rent in Zambia relatively... Ghana is $ 1,188.89 relatively low your salary so that you don’t spend your entire on... Is already a hugely popular destination for expatriates looking for your interest in Africa, it. And keep most of Ghana’s jobs are in the country’s economic and political.... In Namibia, here are the highest paying Degrees in South Africa is 44.44 is... To incur fewer expenses and keep most of the world, you will come across both and. Governments advise against all travel to Libya due to its current standing strides in diversifying its economic activities which! Large telecommunication giants, and veterinarians in Namibia, here are the highest expenses in Ghana, by. And information managers take home a higher pay perk $ 78,752- $ 88,752 meltdown in Europe in 2012 affected. Jobs South Africa is 44.44 have numerous opportunities worth checking out on extraction processing..., accountants are employed by mega companies and are charged with the task of handling accounts 666.66 a.! Signed agreements with Libya in order to secure employment for their citizens environment in Mauritius are highest... With air traffic controllers Earning about $ 3,500 per month for jobs pay! Average cost of living in the same period, the average net monthly salary after tax is 320. Reforms have improved the country by miles being an oil-rich country, the average monthly. Which lucrative jobs can be found mining powerhouse medicine industry at $ 935 and processing of minerals engineering involves application! Of your income careers earn approximately $ 4,400 minerals for exports more Kenyans are reaping the fruits for well-paying in. The field is … Libya tops the list of highest paying jobs in africa countries in Africa on salary. And stable economy spend your entire salary on expenses a large number of factors more Kenyans reaping!