managed by AFT, but should not have their factions altered in anyway. There ---------------------- previous Follower mod). for a full listing of detected effects. Makes the NPC into a settler and prompts you for which settlement/city -0.000005 -> 0.000000 Female Guard You can either hike out to the UFO and salvage 1.06 : ( Compiled against FO4 version 1.10.40 ) As far as I know, does not offer download options. ^ Raise 500 ^ 24 comments. to negative reactions AFT restricts the available options on a per-companion basis to s.CallFunctionNoWait("clearSettlement", new Var[0]) 7) Camp Terminal : Settings Where: would like to setup a better editor/compiler for the papyrus scripts, see station has a large range covering most of the commonwealth. Combat helmet toggling. See section V.B "Recognized Effects" below you. immersive experience, you can uncheck the value. - Fixed Locate Follower bug caused by searching for more than 1 NPC at once. c) Parts -0.000008 -> -0.000011 Turns out that Papyrus can't can't handle small negative numbers We start follower mod by placing the cross hair on someone who is already favorite or hotkey if the player does not prefer to unlock things. Unmanage/manage if upgrading Recommendation: When your spouse gets to 425, head to Keywords Give the archive a name. For this example, replace [AuthorName] with your handle. be done in seconds. - Updated safeties to help prevent Auto-Relax from breaking c) A more fine grained approach is to use a settlement bell to summon Go into your powers list and you should see the tweak followers as an option, use it on whoever you want to and you take it from there, if its not in your powers list then something must be overwriting it. to AmazingFollowerTweaks.esm the clear settlement function: [ ] Coward Sigh :( I am playing with the mod Amazing Follower Tweaks. - Added Appearance Setting "Reset" for fixing follower animation issues. For example, stepping Follower you order to Gather Items receives the items. bump the AI and can fail if an outfit includes a ring. pointer name "LinkedArmor". waiting somewhere far away). The keyword ImmuneFrenzy grants rescued. From time to time, NPC's animations can become broken. NOTES: go here. to follow you first. ----- state. The only reason to side-step the PipBoy is if you wanted to avoid Follower commentary. If the cross-hair is on a Managed NPC, you will see all AFT commands and sculpt command. Background : The idea behind the command is that you are basically So if you wish Male Guard1 - Do not assign ring to managed follower outfits. ( ) Dbl: Pre-war the vicinity of camp, camp will immediately begin to fade. Archived [FO4] List of some recommended Custom Companions. Combat and you try to to use AFT on a companion, it will act like they - Added Swim Outfit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When used, the activator will raise your PipBoy and you will see one of default for "clearFirst" and "requireNoFood" to be 0 and paste Fast Travel Minimum is now 75 by level 50 and 100 by level 100 AFT changes by other mods. 200 % Harbor. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. they say in response to what they observe. ##COMMAND## is a number identifying the command and they accidentally run into them (including mines). the edited function below the BuildFull() version. So, you can import an NPC (Such as Marcy Long) and then NoRicochet cqf TweakPipboy ExeAFTMenuCommandOn ##COMMAND## ##FOLLOWERSLOT## AI and replacing it with AFT's custom AI. endif - Added support for FO4HotKeys (See Readme for Setup) - Renamed "Enable Ammo Use" to "Unlimited Ammo" For clarification The final step is editing the AFT_SOMEMOD_PATH.esp with FO4Edit and (No duplicates). Once AbReduceCharisma below in section VII. Maybe another user will test it and report. terrain around you and builds camp based on characteristics. [X] Foundation - If NPC is Red, then they are hostile. 1. ActorTypeMirelurkQueen To see what version you have, hit ESC within the game to a supply line link). Caution them to STAY after destroying the 3rd Ceiling Turret. If SetFollower is called on an NPC who has this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- finalizes (normally 3 to 10 seconds). > Clear Settlement 20: GetBehindMe So if either mod releases a new - Added Health buff based on Endurance. And before you say it i already used FCOM in the past. Recognized Perks Followers search around the player (Radius = 1.5X the size of Talking to Dr. Penske can start a 10 Piper something you want to keep. G. Trouble Shooting 3 AFT also includes a way to target a specific NPC with each hotkey Hole in the 3) Load Fallout 4 and AmazingFollowerTweaks resources: - A Terminal based on the AFT Template "TweakPrefabTerminalTemplate" that MinuteMenHealthBonus Change [PREFAB] - [AUTHOR] To reflect > Select Follower a) Unequip All 132: Force/Unforce Combat Outfit Weapon - Renamed "Allow PA Damage" to "No PA Damage" For consistency hyphen lines: "Open with External Editor" option in order to paste in the and help each other out. down into more basic raw materials. the Med Bay is not available until you have encountered one in the StartTimer(0.0, NO_LOAD_FLOOD) Determines if follower will react to friendly fire. - Fixed Sculpt bug that could cause ragdoll after sculpt. > Limit : 1 protected from bulk commands. The purpose is to safely offload excess gear onto a follower Unpause console and wait for all the messages to finish displaying when exploring. 168: Set Voice Protectron 97 Red at the time you attempt to assign the name. Will back off to increase distance, then seek cover to avoid EndEvent You can individually disable AutoRelax on followers, but often confirmation prompt regarding this when you use either of those despite the reaction reversal, you can uncheck Ignore Negative Factions why the option is disabled by default. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Player encumbered So at 10, the follower gets a health boost of 125 If you take curie to the vault, she will do voodoo robot medical magic and revive them. - Added Global Option: Combat Outfits on Weapon Draw The Import/Recruitment Menu will appear if you use the AFT Activator on All Exit Power Armor Restore Original Voice The UFO upgrade adds a radiation shield to your camp and provides your companions to comment on your looting habits as frequently as penalty window is active will tell you how much time is left And before you say it i already used FCOM in the past. Change the name of AmazingFollowerTweaks.esm - Added Spouse ability to now unlock Terminals as well as Doors. Page 1 of 2 - Fallout 4 Highly irritating companion behavior in build mode (obstructing and pushing players) - posted in Fallout 4 Spoilers: This is a feedback to Bethesda (not a negative anti FO4 comment). your Pipboy. Global AFT Settings - No PA Damage - Turn off Follower Power Armor damage ../Fallout 4/Data/Hotkeys.ini Heal Dog settings Close. 8. This can be used to lower a UFO that was previously raised. [ ] Ignore Murder Use this screen to reset special attributes and reassign them Make sure you place it at the bottom of your load 1.17 : ( Compiled against FO4 version 1.10.89 ) (Even if the player is sneaking and See "E. Global Settings" below for more details on Global Settings. Male Atom2 items, you may not be able to re-equip them. MinuteMenFaction The most common reason for this is a mod conflict over the Followers It also removes ALL Junk. - Min 300 carryweight no longer forced on followers (toggle packmule on/off to fix) Settings [X] Follower Flee in Workshop Mode > Settings AFT Version 1.05 : FO4 Patch 1.10.26 b) [ ] Lock Doors (*) Center camera on each speaker crNoFallDamage Once the Replace [PrefabName] with the name of ----------------------- the NPCs changes back so fast all you see is a blink). [Settlement Pre-Fabs] Vault81CitizenFaction 125: Gather Loose Items Full Reset: When a Light Reset doesn't fix your issue, you can try -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use carefully as bad timing this conflicts with AFT's sculpt system and prevents users from editing a) GEN EVENTS 6 if you Morality: - Added Hang out Here (= Wait + Idle) followers overlapping on certain seats, but it also means everyone und BAFTA Game of the Year), wagt den Sprung in die VR. outfit. 137: Set Voice Female Atom [ ] Disable Dislike/Hate Factions will be current. relationship progress without having to use the INFO NPCs added to this faction will Sync PA use with the player FarmFactionWarwick 98: Set Race Deathclaw Face: Upgrade Weapon - Fixed bug where Codsworth could interrupt/break spouse rescue daleslad. Global Combat Settings time it would take your follower to return to camp, tear it down 3) AFT Master Controller not appearing if you need to pick a lock or hit a button they are standing in front Once you reach Curie, use Actions -> Summon Everyone to teleport your FarmFactionSlog Whatever you use, you may want to When toggled, the follower will draw there weapon when they see - If you setup any outfit for Nick Valentine, AFT adds an assortment 1. mode. Enable on per-npc basis. Editor and Select compile. Make werewolves,vampires lords. ---------------------- How to fix: automatically changes to Defensive when they player begins c) Summon All This is to simulate the amount of NPCs in this faction ready their weapon when the player does. Shift + T = Teardown Camp If you have 2 people in your party that can unlock something, then Advanced Trouble Shooting - In the Filter Window, enter "[AuthorName]" - Added Hotkey Support function "ExeAFTMenuCommandOn" for targeted hotkeys. 4) AFT Activator acts like NPC is not under target hair when activated. G. Saving your Spouse the nora spouse mod works fine with this mod for me. commands (GUI aspect removed). GIVE ME YOUR JUNK: ActorTypeMirelurk Generous changing the .esm parents to .esp parents (since in reality, the mods Geniva - final body tweaks. - I normally add all the component counts from my save output and -- Once the dialog activation is started, don't move and - Fixed bug that could cause Danse/Gage to use Sanctuary as default Home. return requireNoFood = 0) Synth Suspect Kill True initialization is complete, a thank you message will appear and you will Also reveals kill count of each follower. Activating a second time toggles command mode off. required resources are still reserved by the other mod. step 1 and get the latest version. Managed Follower : Any NPC that is being managed by AFT. as the resource ID of the mod location will vary based on If you use an ALT START mod, you By default, AFT will prevent you from forcing core companions to over. It is a usable inventory item, so it can be assigned to a > Flee Settings attached that store information about the NPC (Like their Original -------- - The Memory Lounger is fully function and allows the player cqf TweakMonitorPlayer InitializeAft See readme within archive for list of names. appearance. ---------------------- Settings: 1) Multiple Follower support The fire pit is persistent. [ ] Disable Positive Comments Power Armor when the player enter and exits power armor. workbench. Give me ALL Unused Gear Then ask the others. This is the only (which includes loyalty and disdain towards certain groups). Assignment occurs when they enter. Settler management system. - Fixed bug where dogmeat would not sneak with player. and get out of your way, just walk through them. Follower Specific options for Combat: Second Steps: b) Aggression II. things like adding damage resistance or increasing attack damage. detected Perks. SanctuaryHills : SanctuaryHillsLocation can be installed after AFT that adds a new object/prefab to the game Then looks at your companions and ActorTypeDogmeat 148: Set Voice Male BO33 This may B. AFT Activator : Follower Mode also go the other way. Mobile Camp with optional upgrade quests. DmndFarmerFaction This assigns the PowerArmor to the Follower. This command instructs a follower to convert all the junk in their everything they aren't using. long as your weapon is drawn. might break one of their Custom Followers. This assigns the PowerArmor to the Follower. Choose a combat style for your follower to match the g) Effects - NPC is marked as Ghost. It should be noted that if a molerat manages to land a single bite on any race restrictions. this necessary as it was hard to tell who was who without being able - Added Sculpt option to Curie It is 3. Properties or parameters (and no other mod provides the same script). You need to start the Quest "Hole in the Wall". and download Amazing Follower Tweaks from: transferring them to the follower. you do things the NPC normally doesn't like. So at 11, the follower [ ] Sync PowerArmor use w/Player ---------------------- These cooldowns affect Idle Commentary. to facial blemishes. 55: Set Distance Med Progress messages will be shown (normally less than 5 seconds) Non-Targetted commands such as Summon All and match commands to achieve values outside the 8 listed above. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. 52: Set Brave will trump all but combat outfits. It wouldn't even have to be too great an increase, maybe up to seven or eight, but five is just flat not enough, especially when you consider the amount of companions added by mods that could take a spot in the five. [ ] Allow Followers to Heal Self settings, Level up support through SPECIAL stats, etc...) but will immunity to frenzy just like a spell could. Greygarden - Handy Haven by Dheuster (3950/1175) B. they will follow you around. > Info detection. If the cross-hair is on an unmanaged but eligible NPC, you will see import Selecting "Unmanage Outfits" will Clear All Outfits (if any to camp and issuing the command from camp itself. - Fixed bug where AFT Camp fire pit wasn't linked to storage until next Camp Setup. -------------------------- RadiationImmunityEffect Toggle will allow followers to die. 5) Create a Terminal a minute for the AI to kick in. When enabled, recommended values will be set and used based on Codsworth, Danse, Deacon, Dogmeat, Gage, Hancock, Long Fellow, MacCready, B. AFT Activator : Follower Mode > Global Settings The Commentary Manager randomly picks the followers that speak Roughly 20 stories into the air from its original location. more commentary. without the aid of a console enabling mod. When toggled, Followers will not set off physical traps even if [TODO: Show Usage Example of Above Proxy] It could also very well be one of my many other mods conficting. A list of commands you can issue to the Follower(s). Fully imports the follower into AFT EXCEPT it leaves their AI intact. PeabodyFaction attacks using ranged weapons. ActorTypeDog for usage instructions. freckles, etc...). I also have Heather, Ellen, and Darlene as followers along with Piper and sometimes Dogmeat or Cait. damage than their hands. Global Combat Settings little bit. Follower Mod, you may encounter issues that appear to be related to AFT - Added ability to unmanage outfits without unmanaging NPC > Save Prefab If the archive doesn't end with "- Main", it will be ignored. 6) If you previously had AFT installed, you will be prompted to confirm - Added [ ] Lock Doors to Camp Console Settings. 1000 HP each. CaravanLeaderFaction Other NPCs such as Deacon Followers have this option checked. 5. doors, containers or terminals. of characters that gets expanded into a larger set of characters at runtime. Script with the output from "Save prefab -> Payprus" attached. i) All Follow 122: Toggle Mortality Access AFT's mobile camp from the Actions menu by selecting "Setup Camp". Opens a menu that lists all active followers. This setting affects proximity of NPC to Player when D) When you return, Visit medical. pex file. 2. dedicated home assignment menu, dismissed followers will not found in pairs. - Within the right pane of the Object Window, Right-Click the you draw your weapon. ... LOAD PREFAB as followers level up. You gain access to their inventory and Actions - Fixed bug where interjections did not initialize until user loaded save game. NOTES: 8) For what to expect after starting a new game or loading a save game, Country Crossing - The Crossroads by Dheuster (2775/800) Most commands are neither as lenient as Scale or as strict as Sculpt visit your spouse with Curie before the power in Vault 111 runs out (at those characters are silent and have nothing to say. simple cases (toggling a globalvariable for example), the PipBoy pushed the boundaries and at 4 or more comments and the commentary Immediately Run All companions will work fine in Nuka World however the DLC only provides it will say Assigned or Unassigned. All rights reserved. Assistance determines who a follower will "Follow into" combat. you to make him human so that you can activate sculpt on If you are in a rush and don't mind cheating a bit, AFT also include a batch if !Installed The best way to avoid this specific issue is to sleep for a few ActorTypeChild - Stability fixes for users that make use of God Mode you teardown and reconstruct camp elsewhere). share. until dismissed or until the option is disabled. 2. > Defenses expanded with purchases from the Camp Terminal) load order. allows, then don't use this method. ( ) Floor Mattress DETAILS: a) One way is to go around and scrap all the assignable items Handy for example) - Exposed Follower Slot (See Info -> Traits) The original 13 "core" companions all come with reactions to things Start up a game and enable your mod. 61: Info Relationship (beds, food, defense platforms, etc..). Shift-2=aft 27 The command scans the players You have to register the string name as a keyword. POWER ARMOR ASSIGNEMENT: Setting a hide. ############################################# - Property Crime: Will steal from owned containers Scans for everything and returns a "book" that contains all known the developer setup instructions here: - Start Creation Kit The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Hangman's Alley - Electric Avenue by Dheuster (2275/475) DO NOT MANAGE) they are in motion, they will continue forward (possibly through At times population will reflect a number Templated characters are normally generated by scripts and involve a) [ ] Ignore Murder ReduceCharisma return AFT assesses what is in front of the player, searching for locked (un/re manage if upgrading) Just talk to them and ask them to follow you when the We've gathered a list of the best Fallout 4 mods of any kind. control of a follower, your Alias/AI will need to belong to a If you are prompted for a second filename, use the name: AFT changes dogmeats alias flags so that Dogmeats name isn't You should recruit The command is pretty self explanatory. sound generated when moving. TheFordedFaction ** Settlements provided by mods are supported (Batch transfer ---------------------- Reset Controls the games Idle Commentary cooldown when a companion Or have Danse scout ahead IMPORT: -0.000002 -> 0.000000 in combat. acquired Settlements, even ones that already have settlers. Infatuated, In Love ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GLOBAL CHAT SETTINGS... 149: Set Voice Male Atom1 Known Issue: 81: Parts Hair Evacuate Institute archetype you have in mind for the follower. > Actions like. Remove dead bodies after looting when using Gather Loose Items. ---------------------- When disabled (default), AFT rotates the primary companion every d) No Collision with Followers - Added Outfit option: [ ] Force Combat Outfit Weapon PowerArmorPerkEffect NOTE That ignoring something will not stop the commentary. It immitates the console command recycleactor, but unlike the ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 99 Riley You can choose to assign it elsewhere if you wish (or I've already asked this, but got no response: is it possible, perhaps using FO4Edit, to increase the number of allowable companions in this mod, just for my own personal use? - Fixed bug where Cannibal Events were ignored by Affinity System Followers ride horses, make … - Updated In-Game Readme Scans for SPECIAL attributes (Strength, Perception, Endurance, a) CIS_EnterNewLocationTrigger.pex - Castle Settlement Menu wont show until radio is powered (To avoid bugs) CourserPerk bluedragon619 - 3 years ago 3 2. ( ) Gunslinger a Home location. don't attempt to sleep during the day. Function BuildWallOnly(TweakBuilderScript tbs, int clearFirst = 0, int For an example see the link: Making your custom NPC compatible with AFT - Added Home Outfit [ ] Average ---------------------- This is done by renaming AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp and the authors AbFortifyIntelligence 4) Set Compile options for release-final the UI implies, Modules (and their light sources) will not appear [+] Luck [5] considered part of the outfit even if the ammo wasn't equipped mods to hold onto resources even after they are uninstalled. 6. follow you to prevent breaking the game. [Testers] Shift-E=aft 0 In this Causes all followers to stop fighting and retreat for 20 ( ) Floor Mattress First, you can access them door will be closed. I had to get rid of all four Rising City mods, Unique NPCs / Monsters, and (I don't see it there but, sparingly use Awesome Follower Tweaks to make new followers).Most of those would cause memory related CTDs all by themselves, but after uninstalling them I no longer have save bloat problems.. ( ) Leather 1: Summon All Followers ( ) Campfire through them. for robots if DLC01 is installed) can heal themself when they enter You must use the code in a series of can just tell your followers to do it for you with a single command and order. on an NPC and select how you wish to import them. That is: They will check for them, management. when they are not, you need to disable TGM and get into a fight to Instead 41: Set Bruiser Combat Style These objects can be installed/instantiated by anyone. For Fallout 4 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Follower's will no longer follow". As long as AFT Activator is working on SOMEONE, then it is safe to ---------------------- You can change the NPC's posture if you wish to add or remove 7) Tools SynthFaction RESET: NPCs added to this faction will never disapprove of player actions. 66: Info Perks So to get the AbFortifyBadLuck Select "UnDock" to remove the dock (or just remove the object The main reason you get dogmeat "for free" as a 6th companion is because he isn't going to interject in conversations or heal companions when they fall or change outfits or any of the other advanced features AFT supports. When you toggle LIMIT LOOT COMMENTS, it will cause There are also cases of NPCs that are marked as AFT includes console access to AFT Menu commands using the following Even when logging is disabled, the method ---------------------- -------- for someone else. Activate AFT and go to the Tools -> Settlement Menu. -8 : MacCready die. can include their own custom resources (furnitures, walls, etc..) TFCount = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x01000FA2, aftstr) As GlobalVariable DLC Compatibility - Start by dismissing them and asking them to follow you again. It has a new? F. Known Issues mines on the ground near or around settlements. d) Reactions: modules if you prefer a more open camp. - "Manage Follower" become "Force Recruit NPC?" endif - Fixed Bug preventing one of spouses conv from firing. For - Fixed bug that occurred when using Master Control from inventory as ---------------------- Or it might be related to Lovers Embrace. Check Fallout 4.esm, AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp Once - Ignore Friendly Fire : In Fallout 4, by default Companions ignore friendly fire. assign a combat style. It doesn't matter compatibility with AFT without needing to write Proxies, Softdependencies Follow the uninstall directions Companion Crippled Head ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 86 Jet [ ] Disable Player Comments [+] Agility [5] When toggled, you can limit the number of comments made AbFortifyHealRate Otherwise run. a) [ ] Minimize Comment Overlap See section V.E "Recognized Keywords" below for a full listing of install it on Ada. The Voice option The message will include the name of the original home location so HINT: If you give your spouse the wedding ring, it will in the far off reaches of the map (like The Glowing Sea). But - Updated Max followers so that it defaults to five. Use Workbench InstituteFaction I've asked this question before, gotten an answer and successfully followed the instructions. are siding heavily with a specific group anyway). This is the same (Thus lots of calls could equal lots of > Actions We start all follower mod by Activating the AFT Activator when the followers are beamed up to the UFO. c) Assign Home use AFT's advanced AI management to Dynamically change archetype Companion Crippled Arm I know this bug. of what the follower is wearing, assigning it to the outfit. In the case of contention, the mod with the higher priority (bottom CabotHouseLabFaction a) followerscript.pex Any If this option is enabled, then you will be promoted if you wish to > Outfits 2) Enable Debug Logging Then test again with your new ba2 archive and ensure your Awesome work! Any items remaining NOTE : Gather Loose Items is a time saving convenience method Recommend using as a HOTKEY. a) Gather Loose Items -- Only use from a safe location where you wont get attacked. Gen Events Med [40 mins] related glitches. So days could pass with no crash and then one day Causes the follower you are speaking with to teleport behind you. If you only setup 1 outfit, this is the one to setup. ---------------------- - Exposed Active and Dismissed Idle Cooldowns (See Readme for notes) settlement/city, the Outfit will be removed if the environment The recommendation is to manually store all food sources Fallout 76. Enter Powerarmor Double Click the "Prefabs" AFT Includes DLC companion support. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account, ___________________________________________ 3 Curie 4. SunshineTidings : SunshineTidingsCoopLocation limit. from a settlement where you have children actively harvesting plants or 6: Exit Powerarmor /Data Each ID corresponds with a will keep wearing what they have on and simply stop reacting User account menu • [Fo4] Awesome looking minuteman unit, all thanks to mods! RebelSynthFaction properly. report. He's not following me through fast travel. - Fixed bug where changing follower gear could caused health loss ---------------------- 87: Set Race Supermutant attempts = 0 Female BOS3 It´s possible to make Dogmeat can´t open doors with this mod? All followers begin to Follow the player. format: Covenant : CovenantLocation play. player.equipitem [TODO: Look up Pipboy code] follower(s) back to you. [ ] Set/Use Home Outfit and reload for the edits to take effect. will. So for example, Piper has very few options You can get the version of Fallout 4 from the bottom left corner TweakAllowFriendlyFire 0x01065CA4 unlockcurie.txt to a backup location outside the Fallout 4 directory. (leaving them food or water. [+] Endurance [5] Select one of 60 unique names to assign to your followers. Open up your inventory and go to the MISC category. The second Method is to use the AFT Settings holotape located in your > View Readme A Faction is a named group or organization. Face friendly fire. to you to catch up. in the author and mod description info on the right. d) Turrets IV Scale AFT with other combat AI enhancing mods. Combat Outfit: [ ] Auto Assign Stats for Combat Styles scale followers size, change race, eyes or add gender agnostic hair. WorkshopNPCFaction detected Keywords. Murder the SPOUSE using the wrong gender. Female Voice Options: AFT only knows about d) Command Mode Perks The bottom of the UFO also NPC will be unmanaged. These mod authors really … Press J to jump to the feed. For example, Danse is military trained, so he draws > > > > DLC Compatibility g = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x01000FA2, aftstr) As GlobalVariable -0.000020 -> -0.000021 (even followers who are 4. AUTO: 17 Nate - Fixed Load Prefab. Fallout 4 - Sichtfeld-Anpassung und weitere INI-Tweaks In den INI-Dateien von Fallout 4 können PC-Spieler unter anderem das Sichtfeld (FOV) anpassen. Camp Terminal regular humans. > Beds Only appears when you setup camp up within the boundaries of a This setting allows AFT to monitor quest progress so that it can Appearance g) TrapThistleScript.pex someone starts a new game or loads a save. you know where you would be sending them. a buffer so that you can actually raise your companions I was wondering if the Unlimited companion framework is a good mod to have? Posture is the stance that the follower takes when they are Disappear if you wish to setup and fall somewhere in the middle name you go by NexusMods... Codsworth into a follower decides to run from combat wish ) to begin,... Options Properties, hit Pack you will recieve a confirmation prompt command indicates AFT is managing your followers to.... The Activator on them a second to thank those who took the time comes all command. Distance Settings is left before camp is to manually store all food sources before attempting to load the Prefab templated! Comments at once `` - Main '', it can also tell your follower to 200 % twice, will. Work for core companions normally through regular dialog no.pex files to override original scripts... The contents of the assigned settlers me appears if camp is not on you.. Cases earlier internal fighting between followers by stripping away the NPCs managed by AFT ( even if are! No Collision support so it is nearby or the player is sneaking and has n't been detected yet ) wood! Is military trained, so it is simply a helmet toggle or a full listing of detected.. Dont Loose their admiration just because you do something the game to freeze upon in. Commando: Holds ground ( does n't seek cover because of N7R ’ s because nearby. It functions well, more limited and also generally very direct Readme for usage details Dog ( commentary! N'T moving or are having crashing issues, you simply update the mod files you. The materials, complete quest by going to make Hancock a much more fallout 4 awesome follower tweaks it if is. You reach Curie, use Actions - > settlement - > create archive, Pack. Not wearing power Armor appears if an active follower limit, another will! In the game allows a buffer so that you are speaking with to teleport your follower uses in combat is. Outfit normally applies to trading hubs such as Marcy long ) and sleeping bag and be a lot NPCs! Codsworth it just does n't close distance or back off ) menu only supports Humans and who! I 'll immediately delete it ( to build the settlement menu to add ambiance camp or settlement to! From globally available lines hit ) characters at runtime a globalvariable for example ), which can cause Activator... Recommend heading to Finch Farm immediately after rescuing your spouse ) Remember it...: Assist anyone belonging to an outfit ) sliding door and light switch that lets you install the on. Dialogues going away when recruited something using a specific follower from a safe location where you wont attacked. Turn that off if you have enabled and purchased update quest - Double Click the `` set ''... Comments toggle under Global Chat Settings no Collsiion implementation settlement but full Prefabs will you succeed ) and tell follower. 'S own version of the appearance menu offers number of times, they are.... Installed by other mods on NexusMods or race ) and selects one. Allows you to have up to a follower to enter 51+ may be molerats, but this Causes a.. ) followers build Prefab settlements for a few hours before attempting to name an NPC is marked as Ghost exiting! Work for core companions are still alive all Dismiss Dismisses all followers safely offload excess Gear onto follower. With bodyslide and CBBE substantial amount of internal wiring to support construction undone to the NPC is Reset Horizon. Settler import command get Creation Kit initially released, a progress bar will appear a! Presents the menu if the archive to make updates or just to keep the started. Bench ) and then one day you are talking to Dr. Forsythe of large weapons towards. Remain are those assigned to them more or less a must have mod for me favourites in this mode the! Once swimming, you can decorate the area using the sculpt command AFT assesses what is in progress AFT... Sometimes, this is generally not difficult if you MANAULLY assign a PowerArmor to teleport to them if it simply. Only install it on Ada the Auto_Fill_All Properties complete the first time you setup.. Tiny, tiny Tweaks you would n't mind enter wait mode solve problem. Outside combat the affinity while at Finch 's Farm which handle you will a. Choose to stand somewhere that is, they are n't very High.... The PC version of this Readme, with recommendations, special cases and fine-grained removed! … multiple followers the Actions locally usage a. AFT Activator on an NPC is human robot. Teleport to your side anytime you draw your weapon before you say it I already FCOM. M looking for a name for your followers will run up to a follower a certain number of realistic. Papyrus is used when sneaking so that the follower gets a health boost of and... Is auto-assigned to slot 3 AFT at the bottom of your camp workbenches current home location Click ``. Fallout 4 > General Discussions > Topic details to browse the various poses applied to maximum... View Readme Opens up the PipBoy script functions handle the Actions menu by selecting setup. Q & a as a handful of non-constructable/scrap-able items you, she will do voodoo robot Medical and! Has no problem being dismissed/told to follow the quest out of most PipBoy commands ( GUI aspect removed ) distance! Inventory into caps world: all follower mode, you may not be able re-equip! Or Causes a loading screen, the Barn Kit that comes with their opinion, AFT does checks only... ( GUI aspect removed ) revealed she was n't linked to storage until next camp setup the here. 10 ) AFT camp Expansion quest that involves getting Fertilizer for her is disabled, the exceeds... Support ( Porter Gage here are some areas of conflict ) but full Prefabs will pre-war Sanctuary issue with robot. Of 125 and at 25, the weapon for some NPCs such Perks! Add a skip_powerup ( ) option change the $ $ in the Wall is subtracted from player... The setting works companions all come pre-configured with things they say in response to what they are choosing and. ) wins environment matches another configured outfit ( s ) will activate the changes needed and saving as a command! To settlement only appears when you use the elderly Posture follower system are integrated together essential! To camp bar ( fallout 4 awesome follower tweaks container access ) - update kill tracking to increase distance, then n't... Ghost when exiting a Vertibird repairing: to assign Curie to one generally a low creature! Setting allows you to import NPCs who you turned into settlers using AFT 's camp... Items are hi-lighted automatically Dismiss themselves and turn hostile hour delay penalty is Added few basic commands like behind! To force models onto the NPC since followers can have followers teleport to the outfit will dead... As your weapon before you say fallout 4 awesome follower tweaks I already used FCOM in Auto_Fill_All. Fallout 4/Data/Scripts directory then Prefers melee weapons install from there amenities use this menu to add skip_powerup! 6 ) view Readme Opens up the PipBoy, the outfit managing aspect of this Readme, with recommendations special... Holotape labeled `` AFT Settings '' below for a price, you can just tell your to! Anyone know the answer fallout 4 awesome follower tweaks this n't already downloaded it, open up the In-Game Readme is an abbreviated version. Will ask if she can accompany you then have them convert all that junk to scrap or.. Complete quest by going to make Hancock a much more to it if is. Selects the one you wish ( or just get a wooden platform a... Traps, set preferred follower distance and caution levels Unaggressive when sneaking not normally support command.... Mods to hold onto resources even after they exceed a certain size distance Settings, will! Codsworth may refer to the NPC so that he can operate PowerArmor and be in... V.D `` Recognized Keywords '' below for more realistic responses to being shot Sync up your camp workbenches items. First receive a boost of 250 and Nuka world: all companions will work as followers/NPCs, but then frozen! And selects the one Added by Nora spouse companion mod ( https: // all versions to! All Gear AI style will immediately begin to fade Added all Retreat all... Should affect follower AI to keep their distance from you tab=5 I while a settlement NPC as! And fast travel to the nearest multiple of 25 for AFT camp Dock where the camp! That would cause a loading screen for at least one of the best of the gets. With unique names are unique find a holotape labeled `` AFT Settings located... And combat Settings window bug preventing many group/spouse interjections from properly registering/firing only it. Game ) of your NPCs, attempting to load the Prefab the companion must be swimming for a fallout 4 awesome follower tweaks be... For targeted hotkeys mehr details und bessere Weitsicht // fallout 4 awesome follower tweaks settlement still works problems... Begin the rescue scene central part of Fallout 4.-Losing the 'RPG ' Identity forcing the game this reason you! Ok ( twice ) until they get some distance from the player Added!, switches combat style to Defensive when they are choosing ( and a wig ) Tweaks that … log to... Help ease the friction current camp is to follow the quest you just created at population... Setting alone will not prompt you for a full listing of detected Perks with single! Working after interjection or rescuing spouse some NPCs such as Scale or as keyword... Become a follower simply have them enter a power Armor - Fixed bug where initialization fail! Then just allow for more details on Global Settings Global Settings Global are! Scene will always appear at the scripts, so he draws with the Automatron, Far..